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People especially Aircrews and Occupational Health workers are increasing busy and struggle to get appointments with their doctors at times which are convenient for them. They understand their health is important and wish to have background data to help them manage their health in a more informed way. As Desiderius Erasmus stated "Prevention is better than cure!" 


Similarly some people whilst understanding the need to have regular sexual health checks can find these discussions embarrassing with their own doctors and prefer the anonymity of having tests done outside the their usual doctors settings. 

Other people can choose to get lab tests done before their medicals in order to address any potential problems before hand to ensure they will pass the medicals standards without issues.

We have therefore designed a battery of sophisticated, comprehensive and highly accurate tests with our laboratory partners which can be safely done at home or remote locations and on time lines acceptable to the individuals. 


The process is very simple.

Choose the test or tests you wish to do.

When checking out give us the delivery address you wish the tests to be sent to.

Once the discrete package arrives, follow the instructions, label the samples and send them back to the lab in the envelope provided.

The doctor will review the results and forward them on with a comment on management via a secured password protected email. Simple, efficient, secure, anonymous!

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