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Pre-employment medicals
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The value of pre-employment medicals for employers and employees are numerous.


The goal is to determine whether an individual is fit to perform the job without risks to themselves or to others.

The aim of the assessment is to highlight whether an employee is Physically; Emotionally; Psychologically and or Cognitively suited to the role being proposed.

The checks assess whether additional work place requirements are needed to mitigate against potential hazards to the employee or whether ongoing health reviews /advice are needed to enable prospective employees to be safely integrated into the work place.

They also assess whether the proposed applicant's medical conditions could pose a hazard to other employees.

Pre-position medical assessments can also ensure that redeployment of employees is done safely where specific work requirements are needed.

They also give employees and employers baseline data from which going health surveillance can be mapped and clearly defining pre-existing levels and or pre-existing medical conditions.

The experienced doctors at FlyingMedicine can assist employers with reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities and to keep within the requirements of the Equalities Act 

The process is simple

1) Book an appointment for your employee by calling 03334043232 or send your request to with this form

2) The medical form will be reviewed by the occupational medical doctor

3) If required the occupational medical doctor will then contact the applicant and consent them for further information- this may be as simple as requesting a patient summary from the applicant's doctor 

4) If satisfactory the report will set back to the manager otherwise the doctor may request a formal medical assessment.

These are only usually requested where the job involves working in hazardous environments, requires high standards of fitness, is required by law or when the safety of other workers or of the public is concerned. If this is the case then:- 

5) The employee should bring in a valid photo ID ideally a Passport

6) The employee should bring in a recent patient summary from their doctor

7) The employee should bring in their glasses / contact lens if they require them

8) The employee should wear suitably loose clothing for easy access / undressing for the medical checks

9) The employee should bring in a chaperone if they wish

10) The employee should bring in a means to pay for the assessment if this has not be paid in advance 

11) The doctor will then undertake an appropriate medical check which may include checking



Body Mass Index calculation


Blood Pressure

Heart Check

Lung Check

Spirometry for lung function

Check of the abdomen including hernia checks

Urine  check for blood, protein and glucose  * drug testing if applicable

Checks on  joints, muscles, muscle power, reflexes, coordination 

Skin checks and varicose veins

Vision checks 

Colour vision as required

Hearing test or Audiogram

The whole process should take about an hour


12) The doctor will then issue a report back to the requesting manager stating

*Fitness for the role

*Any reasonable adjustments necessary 

*Whether the Equality Act may be applicable 

*Whether ongoing health reviews /surveillance is suggested


Payment methods

Cash, Credit Card or BACS payment

American Express or Cheques will not be accepted

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