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tick bourne encephalitis map 2019


Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

The majority of infections with the virus result from infected ticks whilst undertaking outdoor walks in forested areas.

Occasionally it can result from drinking unpasteurized milk from infected goats, sheep or cows.

There areas least 12000 cases per year.

In those that develop symptoms - fever, aches, headaches are common.

This can then lead onto meningitis, encephalitis and myelitis.

Encephalitis can result in paralysis, permanent problems or death in 1%.

Theres no formal treatment for Tick Bourne Encephalitis


The use of appropriate clothing, including long trousers and closed footwear will help reduce risks when hiking.


Travel Vaccination is highly effective and can be given to those aged 1 and above.

Dr Nomy is an occupational physician with postgraduate training in travel health. He oversees the travel vaccination programme to ensure clients are safely given risk based travel vaccines.


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