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The team at FlyingMedicine are dedicated to process your Cabin Crew Medical Attestation professionally, efficiently and stress free. Dr Nomy is a very experienced occupational physician and has undertaken several thousand cabin crew medicals in his career including medicals for Emirates and British Airways.

The process is simple


Choose your medical EASA ( Ryanair/ Lauda Airlines/ SAS etc) or UK CAA Certificates e.g. for, Virgin, Wizz UK, TUI etc

1) Book an appointment online or by calling 03334043232

2) Bring in a valid Passport for ID purposes

3 Wear your glasses and bring your contact lens if you require them

4) Complete the forms we will send to you and send them back prior to your appointment

5) Come with a full bladder as we'll need to check your urine 

6) Wear suitably loose clothing for easy access / undressing for the medical checks

7) Shave your chest or wear a sports bra  if you need an ECG

8) Bring in a chaperone if you wish one to be present during the clinical examination

9) The medical form will be reviewed with the doctor and THEN signed together

10) The Aeromedical doctor will then undertake a medical check including but not limited to your




Blood Pressure

Heart Check

Lung Check

Ears, Nose and Throat

Check of your abdomen including hernia checks

Urine  check for blood, protein and glucose  * drug testing if applicable

Checks on  your joints, muscles, reflexes, coordination, power of the arms, legs and curvature of the spine.

Vision checks 

Colour vision 

Hearing test / audiogram as needed

Psychiatric assessment for depression/ anxiety/ mania

ECG if clinical cause or aged over 40

11) The doctor will then review the results and issue the certificate

12) You'll need to check the certificate and sign it.

13) If not done so already you'll need to pay for the medical assessment- Cash, Cards except AMEX are accepted.

14) Then you'll be usually leaving with a certificate, a big smile and a receipt.

The whole process should take about about 30 minutes.

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