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Measles - adult
MMR Antibody Testing

All people who have not received both doses of Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine as a child should receive the vaccination unless it is contra-indicated.  Especially if they have contact with people with low immunity or travelling to endemic areas. 

The  2 dose vaccine regime is given at least 4 weeks apart and is highly effective.  

More information can be gained by reading the NHS document

For those who need a certificate of immunity against Measles, Mumps and Rubella we can arrange the appropriate blood tests and results are usually back the next day.. As Dr Nomy is an experienced Occupational Physician he can generate certificates and reports for employment purposes. 

Contra-indictaions include

An acute illness

Previous allergic reaction to MMR

Impaired immune response and drugs affecting immune response

Specialist advice should be sought for those being treated with high doses of corticosteroids (dose equivalents of prednisolone: adults, at least 40 mg daily for more than 1 week; children, 2 mg/kg (or more than 40 mg) daily for at least 1 week or 1 mg/ kg daily for 1 month), or other immunosuppressive drugs

Patients being treated for malignant conditions with chemotherapy or generalised radiotherapy.



Live vaccines should be postponed until at least 3 months after stopping high-dose systemic corticosteroids and at least 6 months after stopping other immunosuppressive drugs or generalised radiotherapy

At least 12 months after discontinuing immunosuppressants following bone-marrow transplantation

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