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Hepatitis A Map
Viatim Hep a and Typhoid vaccination
Typhoid Map
Typhium vaccine

Hepatitis A and Typhoid are disease typically experienced whilst abroad.

Hepatitis A infection is caused by a virus spread via contaminated food, drink or water.

It infects the liver and can be fatal by causing liver failure.

It mainly occurs in countries where sanitation is poor.  

Hepatitis A symptoms including yellowing of the eyes ( Jaundice), dark urine and light coloured stool, itchy skin, fever, stomach aches and tiredness.


As well as good hand washing before food and after visiting the toilets; not eating shellfish and not eating salads, fruits, vegetables or uncooked foods, the Hepatitis

A travel vaccination is recommended if you are visiting high risk areas.

Hepatitis A vaccination can be given for all those aged 1 years old and above.

It may be combined with hepatitis B vaccination or Typhoid vaccination for adults

Typhoid Fever is caught from food, drink or water contaminated with Salmonella Typhi bacteria.

Typhoid causes high fever, stomach upset, aches and pains.

It is highly infectious and can easily pass from an infected person to another.

It causes death in approximately 1 in 5 people left untreated.  
As well has good hand hygiene, using bottled water and eating cooked foods, a vaccination is therefore recommended for all destinations at risk  

Typhoid Vaccination ( Non-live)

Typhoid travel vaccination is recommended for travellers to high risk areas where food and water may be contaminated even in those who have previously had Typhoid illness.

Vaccination may also be recommended for travellers staying where there is the risk of poor sanitation and they may not be able to undertaken  good hand hygiene measures or water purification.

Typhoid vaccination is given from the age of 2 years old and lasts for 3 years.


As an experienced occupational physician with post graduate training in travel health, Dr Nomy overseas the travel immunisation and vaccinations programme at FlyingMedicine to ensure clients, pilots and all those with wanderlust have appropriate risk assessed travel vaccinations


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