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Requirements for pilot grounding
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When can I renew/ revalidate my license?

45 days before the end of the medical certificate.


I wear contact lenses. Should I wear them to my medical?
If you wear contact lenses whilst flying you are required to have available in the aircraft one pair of spectacles which correct for all required distances. I prefer if you bring these glasses with you otherwise please remove the contacts 24 hrs before the assessment and we will then test your vision without and then with the contacts in.


Should I bring an updated optician’s eye prescription to my medical?
In short Yes. The form should  include the following information


When should I contact my Aeromedical Examiner between medicals?

The UK CAA requires licence holders to seek advice from their Aeromedical Examiners if they

(1) are aware of any decrease in their medical fitness that might render them unable to safely exercise those privileges;

(2) take or use prescribed or non-prescribed medication that is likely to interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of the applicable licence; or

(3) receive any medical, surgical or other treatment that is likely to interfere with flight safety


In addition, licence holders shall, without undue delay, seek aeromedical advice when they:

(1) have undergone a surgical operation or invasive procedure;

(2) have commenced the regular use of any medication;

(3) have suffered any significant personal injury involving incapacity to function as a member of the flight crew;

(4) have been suffering from any significant illness involving incapacity to function as a member of the flight crew

(5) are pregnant;

(6) have been admitted to hospital or medical clinic; or

(7) first require correcting lenses- glasses/ contact lens

Should I contact the CAA if I am unfit to fly?
You'll  need to contact me and I can advise

If you are Class 1license holder  I will forward an official ‘Temporary Unfit’ letter if appropriate in conjunction with the CAA.

If you are Class 2 license holder, it will usually be appropriate for me to determine if you are unfit.


Does a Class 1 initial examination still have to be done at an AeMC (Aeromedical Centre)
Yes. Applicants have to be a minimum of 17 years. Here is the link to the current AeMCs


What age can someone fly solo?
Under EASA there is no lower age limit for a Class 2 initial medical licenses but an individual needs to be over 16 to fly solo.


I have a colour deficiency since birth will this prevent me from becoming a commercial pilot?

Not necessarily. As long as the colour deficiency you have is deemed colour safe then you could go one to have a rich and fulfilling career as a pilot.

The test which is done is Ishihara plates. If there is an error in your colour perception then you would be referred to get a CAD test. Passing the CAD would mean you your colour deficiency was deemed safe to operate aircraft in all lighting conditions. Your license would not be restricted or endorsed in any way.

If you however didn't manage to reach the safe thresholds you could still gain a pilots license but could only fly during daylight hours.

For more information about CAD ( Colour Assessment and Diagnosis) test click on the following link.. More information can be found hereOr watch the video on CAD here

Can I take antihistamines for my hay fever while I am flying?
The following medication is acceptable to use whilst flying: Loratadine,
Desloratadine, Cetirizine, Fexofenadine. Beconase and Flixonase nasal sprays are also permitted

You cannot fly within 24 hours of taking other antihistamines.



I have been told I am obese, will this affect my medical?
Those with a BMI in excess of 35 require additional cardiovascular risk estimation and a medical flight test. More information here. 


Do I have to have a Class 1 medical to instruct?
No, from 17 September 2012 EASA Class 2 license holders can be paid for Instructing.


I have an OML limitation on my Class 1 licence, does this affect my Class 2 privileges?
No. An OML only applies to Class 1 privileges, therefore a Class 1 licesne holder with OML can instruct on the basis of his Class 2 status as single pilot.

Can you arrange additional blood tests like Cholesterol, Thyroid, Vitamins, PSA, Allergy or Clotting risks?
Yes we can arrange all types of testing.


Can you also update Travel Vaccines like Yellow Fever or prescribe Malaria medications?


Yes as a travel clinic we can update all currently available vaccinations and preventative strategies against Malaria. 


What if my blood pressure is up and I have white coat hypertension- will I get my license?

Occasionally people attending their medical find that their blood pressure (BP) is elevated.

This may be due to subtle anxiety related to the medical, morning coffee, a morning medical  or it may in fact be due to chronically elevated blood pressure (Hypertension). 

A reasonable way to remove doubt is by checking blood pressure readings at home.

Omron BP machines which check BP through a arm cuff have been validated to do this.

I would recommend buying one which can store data and measuring home blood pressure morning and evening for a few weeks before the medical is due.

If the BP is regularly above 140/90 then I would suggest reviewing the findings with you GP before the aeromedical assessment. 

Other ways to reduce blood pressure is by reducing salt from the diet, reducing alcohol, reducing weight and undertaking more cardiovascular exercise.

If the blood pressure is less than 140/90 then bring the readings to the aeromedical assessment.

Further information can be reviewed on this helpful CAA hypertension flow chart

What is the process if I've recent had surgery

Its not uncommon for pilots to need surgery at some point whether this is for musculoskeletal issues like back surgery or for unexpected events like an appendicectomy.

As soon as you've had surgery- 

You MUST NOT to use the previleges  of your license and must ground yourself.

You are further required to contact the Aeromedical Examiner who has issued your previous aeromedical certificate.

You can do this by clicking on the link below or calling us on 03334043232 if we did your last medical assessment.

The AME will issue you with a Temporary Unit letter and give you a process to follow to enable your license to be re-instated.

This normally involves waiting for your treating doctors/ specialists to give you the all clear to return to work and issuing you with a letter detailing what occurred, any complications or medications needed and whether there are plans for future reviews or management.

Once you have this letter you should contact the Aeromedical doctor who can then give further direction. Sometimes this just means an update to the CAA to re-instate your license, at other times this would entail having a functional assessment check with the AME to ensure your safe to operate the aircraft before contacting the CAA.

The process is usually straight forward.

The re-instatement proformas can be found in the Useful Links section on this webpage.

If you have further questions then contact us

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