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Dr Nomy Ahmed is authorised to perform all classes of EASA medicals as an aviation medical examiner (AME) to the UK CAA. 



The standards for an EASA Class 3 ATC medical can be found here

Book by calling 03334043232 or Booking online

  • Ensure you have joined the UK CAA Cellma portal  and completed your medical application form online and have paid your CAA fee.

  • Failing to do so will lead to additional admin fees for late processing

*Payment is required to secure the booking and to minimise no shows and late cancellations.

Please bring the following with you:

  • A valid passport

  • Last medical certificate

  • Glasses/ contact lenses if worn with an up to date spectacle prescription. Contact lens wearers should attend wearing glasses

  • A Chaperone if you wish

  • If you need an ECG, Do not use moisturiser and please shave your chest (if applicable) before hand

  • Ensure no loud noise expose for 16 hours before your Audiogram ( Hearing Test)

Class 3 ATC Medical Validities

Click here


Method of payment


Payment is accepted by Debit / Credit Cards or Cash. Cheques  are not accepted.




Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.

See CAA validity table for more information.


Decrease in Medical Fitness


The UK CAA requires licence holders to seek advice from their Aeromedical Examiners if


"A certificate holder becomes aware of a decrease in their medical fitness due to injury or illness, which may render them unable to exercise the privileges of their licence, or becomes aware that they are pregnant, they must inform their Aeromedical Examiner (AME)."



Frequently asked CAA related questions:


Can I use a credit card?



I wear contact lenses. Should I wear them to my medical?
If you wear contact lenses whilst flying you are required to have available in the aircraft one pair of spectacles which correct for all required distances. I prefer if you bring these glasses with you otherwise please remove the contacts 24 hrs before the assessment and we will then test your vision without and then with the contacts in.


Should I bring an updated optician’s eye prescription to my medical?
In short Yes. The form should  include the following information.


Should I contact the CAA if  have a decrease in my medical standards?
Better to contact me and I can advise.


Does a Class 3 initial examination still have to be done at an AeMC (Aeromedical Centre)?
Yes. Applicants have to be a minimum of 17 years. Here is the link to the current AeMCs

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