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Pilot Medical Certificate

Aspiring Pilot

Private Pilot

Blood Pressure machine

Blood Pressure checks

FlyingMedicine Vision checks

Vision checks

Urine dipstick and urine pots

Urine checks for Blood, Protein and Glucose

Hearing Testing

Audiometry in our Soundproofed audiobooth

Lung Function Checks

Peak flow and Spirometry checks for lung function

Blood checks

Haemoglobin and Cholesterol check equipment

Helicopter pilots

Class 2 (H) Private Helicopter pilots

UK Class 2 Pilot Medicals- Initial PPL

Need a pilot medical before you go solo?

The process is easy to get your Class 2 pilot medical!

Choose your venue (Leicester or Watford)

Choose your time- we work late nights and Saturdays for your convenience.

If you're not sure then phone our call centre on 0333 404 3232 and they'll assist you or send us an email on info@flyingmedicine.uk

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Please follow the process:

The fee for the medical is £199 payable at the time of booking, the ECG is £89 payable on the day.

Payment is accepted by Cash, Debit / Credit Cards. 

Costs for additional tests which may be required like ECGS, Audiograms can be found here

These can be paid on the day in cash or credit/debit cards.

See CAA validity table for more information.

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*Payment is required to secure the booking and to minimise no shows and late cancellations.