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Pilotmedical certificate_flyingmedicine

Pilot Medical Certificate done by FlyingMedicine

FAA Medical
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Pilot Testing Check List

Blood pressure

Blood Pressure checks at FlyingMedicine

Vision checks

Vision checks at Flyingmedicine

urine dipstick test

Flying Medicine urine checks

HB and Cholesterol checks

Haemoglobin and Cholesterol checks done at FlyingMedicine

Ling function checks

Peak flow and Spirometers for Lung function

FM ECG Watford

ECG machine for pilot medicals done at FlyingMedicine

Audiograms/ Hearing Checks

Hearing checks in our Audio booth done at FlyingMedicine

Need a Pilot Medical Certificate quickly in a stress free process? 


Its easy with Flyingmedicine!


We have a clinic in Leicester 

Its conveniently located  in the city centre near the train station and with free parking

Book your appointment by calling 0333 404 3232 or book online below


Please follow the process to get your pilot medical undertaken:

  • Ensure you have joined the UK CAA Cellma portal and have paid your fee for a UK certificate and completed your medical application form online. 

  • For EASA we will send some forms

  • For FAA ensure you have updated your medical history on the FAA MedXpress portal

  • Get an eye exam form completed by an optician if you wear contact lens or glasses and haven't got a prescription dated within the past 2 years.

  • Then come visit us for your medical assessment

  • Give yourself plenty of time to locate us, find parking and relax on our lovely leather Chesterfields

  • DO NOT forget to bring your forms,  and your last medical certificate.

  • Bring in your glasses if you wear contacts or glasses

  • Bring your passport to validate your ID

  • Turn up with a full bladder so we can do a urine check. ( We've got a water dispenser in case)

  • Request a Chaperone if you wish to have one during the clinical examination

  • If you need an ECG, Do not use moisturiser and please shave your chest (if applicable) before hand

  • If you need an audiogram then please ensure there has been no loud noise exposure for 16 hours before the assessment.

  • The medical process is normally completed within 1 hr

  • Once complete leave with a smile and your class 1 pilots medical certificate!

The fee for the medical start at £179 payable at the time of booking

*Payment is required to secure the booking and to minimise no shows and late cancellations.

Payment is accepted by Debit / Credit Cards. AMEX credit cards are not accepted


Costs for additional tests which may be required like ECGs, Audiograms can be found here

These can be paid on the day in cash or credit/debit cards.

Book now by calling 0333 404 3232


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