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At FlyingMedicine we are able to undertake EASA Cabin Crew Medicals as Dr Nomy is designated as a Aeromedical Doctor for Transport Malta. As his stamp is European, the certificates are valid for any of the 27 EASA countries. 

We love doing cabin crew medicals which is whey we have very high satisfaction rates from this attending our clinics. Dr Nomy has undertaken several thousand cabin crew medicals in his career.


From April 2014 Cabin Crew have been required to undergo a full clinical examination on initial appointment to the role as a cabin crew and at all medical assessments once aged 50.

The certificate is normally valid for 5 years.

As an experienced occupational physician Dr Nomy can undertake all EASA medical checks including cabin crew medicals, pilot medicals and fitness to return to work assessment.

The team are also able to give booster travel vaccinations if needed at the same time of the medical checks. 


The process is very easy:

Please complete this form and send it back to us with you patient summary (this is issued free of charge from your GP practice)  

Book your appointment via our Book online tool

*Payment is required to secure the booking and to minimise no shows and late cancellations.


Please send the following back to us:

EASA Cabin Crew Fees/ Costs


EASA Cabin Crew medical aged 40 or more or those with cardiovascular risks = medical plus ECG

The medical will then be undertaken by the aeromedical doctors which includes but is not limited to the below:




Blood Pressure

Heart Check

Lung Check

Ears, Nose and Throat

Check of your abdomen including hernia checks

Urine  check for blood, protein and glucose  * drug testing if applicable

Checks on  your joints, muscles, reflexes, coordination, power of the arms, legs and curvature of the spine.

Vision checks 

Colour vision 

Hearing test 

Psychiatric assessment for depression/ anxiety/ mania

Most licenses will be unrestricted however limitations may be applied to certificates if glasses or contact lenses need to be used -such as CVL (requirement for visual correction), or if hearing aids are required -HAL (requirement to use hearing aids) to achieve the required standards.

Here is a link to the EASA Cabin Crew standards

The entire medical process can normally be completed within 30 minutes.

At the renewal assessments under 50 years old a clinical examination is usually required if there has been a change in health or if the previously declared medical history is not available.


Cabin Crew must also seek the advice of an AME (Aeromedical Examiner) when they become aware of any decrease in their medical fitness which may affect their ability ot do their job.


Having previous worked for Emirates Airlines I have personally licensed over 3000 cabin crew and continue to do Cabin Crew medicals for Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air and Lauda Airlines


Medical Standards


Colour Vision testing

Cabin crew work is not colour critical however colour vision testing is still required under EASA rules. Those failing the colour vision testing therefore will be asked to do a trade test which is normally the SEP (Safety Equipment and Procedures) training. Once successfully completed unrestricted licenses will be issued.


There is a form to complete followed by a clinical assessment and then printing of the certificate.

Chaperones are welcomed but let us know at the time of booking if you wish us to provide one.

If you have any queries regarding your level of fitness send us a message through the contact page.



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