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Flying Medicine Lung Function Checks
Blood Pressure check

Dr Nomy Ahmed is authorised to perform all classes of EASA medicals as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to the UK CAA.

He therefore also undertakes SAME DAY Parachute medicals for people wanting to try out skydives including  tandem jumping and for Parachute/ SkyDive Instructors to ensure they are safe to jump.

Medical certificates are needed for people with the following conditions

  • Epilepsy/ Seizures

  • Recurrent blackouts 

  • Brain or nervous system disease

  • Significant Head injury

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Heart disease

  • Lung Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Mental illness

  • Substance Misuse

  • Those aged over 40

The list is not exhaustive so if you're not sure then book an appointment to ensure you are safe when skydiving! 

Book now by calling 03334043232 or Book online 

*Payment is required to secure the booking and to minimise no shows and late cancellations.


Please bring the following with you:

  • A completed form 

  • A valid Passport for ID purposes

  • Last Medical Certificate- if applicable

  • Instructors you will be asked to lift  and move some weight approximately 18-20 kilos at the assessment 

  • Glasses/ contact lenses if worn 

  • A Chaperone if you wish

  • A means to pay for the assessment on the day


Method of payment

Payment is accepted by Debit / Credit Cards or Cash. Cheques or AMEX credit cards are not accepted







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