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Update Course for  Specialist / Consultants Aeromedical Examiners

Custom-designed as an update course for specialist medical advice to civil aviation authorities 

Intensive teaching programme including relevant practical sessions

Suitable update for working as specialist aeromedical examiner

Accepted by the GCAA (UAE) as a suitable update course for specialist aeromedical designation 

5 AvMed CME points

About the Course                                        


The leading course in world for Specialist/ Consultant AvMed training

It has trained well over 130 specialists world wide

Consistently attains over 95% satisfaction ratings

Open to all specialists including Psychologists

Whilst based in Dubai, the knowledge gained would help anyone wishing to become involved in AvMed assessment and report writing.


The principal trainer on the course is Dr Nomy Ahmed who is an experienced Senior Aviation Medical Examiner and designated trainer with the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) in UAE and DAME in UK


No formal assessment will take place for this course

Our approach is interactive adult learning with a great deal of discussion.

The course fee includes online lectures including ones given by the GCAA on the challenges and expectations of being a Specialist AeroMedical Examiner 


Once successfully attended all sessions the candidate is given a certificate.

Further information about being licensed as a GCAA Examiner can be found on



No prior experience is required.  However places are limited, and therefore we may have to make a selection.

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