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Intensive Course For Aviation Medical Examiners


12-23 February 2017, Dubai, UAE


  • Custom-designed to achieve required competencies for medical examiners

  • Based on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) competency framework

  • Intensive teaching programme including relevant practical sessions

  • Suitable preparation for registration as an aeromedical examiner


About the Course                                        


The principal trainer on the course is Dr David Powell who is a New Zealand–based consultant in aviation medicine, qualified commercial pilot, senior lecturer in aviation medicine with the University of Otago, and previous Chief Medical Officer for Air New Zealand.  David has taught this course through Emirates Airlines a number of times since 2010.  The team also includes Dr Nomy Ahmed who has been a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner with the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) in UAE, and senior medical officer with Emirates Airlines, along with other locally based specialists. 


Assessment is by written and oral examination at the end of the two weeks, and in order to satisfy the prerequsites for aviation medical examiner appointment, candidates must pass the assessment.  Our approach is interactive adult learning with a great deal of discussion.  We have found that to do well on the course requires A GOOD LEVEL OF WRITTEN AND SPOKEN ENGLISH.   The course programme is intensive, requiring full attention, and candidates are strongly advised not to continue their normal work commitments during the programme. 


The course content includes:  aviation physiology, motion sickness, vision, disorientation, principles of flight, clinical aviation medicine, air traffic services, ophthalmology, ENT, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, psychology and psychiatry, passenger fitness to fly, examination techniques and practical sessions.  There will also be relevant workplace visits including altitude chamber, night vision lab; flight simulator experience and air traffic control and aircraft emergency training facilities.

Other Details


The programme will run approximately 0800-1630 every day. The course fee of 18000 AED includes all of the visits, morning and afternoon tea and lunch each day, and a copy of Russell Rayman’s text Clinical Aviation Medicine for reference. Accommodation is not included and we will offer some suggestions for possible accommodation for you to reserve close to the venue once this is confirmed.

This course has previously been accepted by the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) in UAE as qualifying for aviation medical examiner status, but appointment as an examiner is at the discretion of the GCAA according to their requirements and needs.   It has also previously been accepted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia as a pre-requisite for its regulatory training leading to appointment as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).  The course will qualify for CPD points (to the equivalent of 46 hours), with further details to be advised as soon as confirmation is received. 



No prior experience is required.  However places are limited, and therefore we will necessarily have to make a selection.  A short Skype interview is planned to discuss your reasons for doing the course and also to verify that your level of spoken English will be suitable. 

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