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The Super Singh (Punjabi) Movie In Mp4 Dubbed In Hindi heccha




Karveer Singh is a famous Indian politician who is often addressed by his nickname, "Super Singh". Singh is a Hindu priest in a village, who takes a vow of celibacy and rises in the political ranks. Karveer Singh has set his sights on entering the Canadian parliament. Singh faces off against gangsters and a corrupt party leader and wins by playing to his constituents' distrust of the corrupt party's leader. Plot In Punjabi village, after nightfall on a festival night, a black car arrives. Super Singh rushes to open the door for Singh, who makes a political rally speech. Karveer Singh is shocked that his home village of Kosal is inhabited by people who do not believe in him. In Canada, Karveer Singh has been running for the Canadian Parliament for years, but hasn't got anywhere. One night, he is drinking in his hotel room with a few local politicians, and is encouraged by a local Canadian MP (a corrupt politician) to focus his campaign on the Punjabi community. During the election, Karveer's former classmate Prabhjot Kaur is kidnapped and tortured. Singh finds the evidence on her person and interrogates the kidnappers, who are believed to be corrupt businessmen. The kidnappers threaten to kill Prabhjot if Singh doesn't stop. A woman who has been visiting Karveer at the hotel since he arrived, having noticed the oddity of his presence and bearing a striking resemblance to Singh, gives him the name "Super Singh" and notes that he has risen to the heights of being the "beloved God" of Punjabis. Karveer is asked to call the woman "Nanhi". She encourages him to focus on his election campaign in Punjabi-speaking districts. She also later reveals to Karveer that she is in fact his niece (whose real name is Neeta) and that she had been visiting him in order to study and be with him. Meanwhile, the corrupt Canadian politician threatens Singh with death if he continues to trouble the Indian community. He is accompanied by party members who have been bribed by him. At Karveer's hotel, the thugs bribe a few of the hotel staff to ensure that they keep Karveer Singh out of the hotel. Karveer Singh's campaign manager persuades him to stay at a nearby hotel, but Singh refuses. Singh then gets himself and his nephew to a Punjabi wedding. In the




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The Super Singh (Punjabi) Movie In Mp4 Dubbed In Hindi heccha

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